GK60PN Flat-panel loudspeakers for gypsum plaster
Artikelnummer: 1.002.901.001

GK60PN Flat-panel loudspeaker for integration in dry mortarless construction. The loudspeaker system that works on the principle of a bending-wave transducer. it has a flat-panel membrane, which is set into vibration by an exciter that is mounted on the rear. Easiest, nonvisible integration in dry mortarless construction. The loudspeaker consists of a commercial gypsum plaster board, reconstructed to a flat-panel loudspeaker, which can be screwed together with the existing substructure. A smoothing of the loudspeaker membrane is not necessary. The frame has a particularly robust design to reduce the transfer of the membrane vibrations to the surrounding ceiling structure, which could cause the ceiling to rattle. There are no annoying and visible intermediate damping layers. A 100-v transformer is also available as an option.

PN version with integrated loudspeaker network even operatable with comercially available HiFi equipment.

Novasonar GK flat-panel loudspeakers can be easily integrated in dry mortarless construction (gypsum plaster or gypsum fiber-boards). This flat-panel loudspeaker is suitable for an easy integration in dry mortarless construction.


 Description  Novasonar Gk 60PN
 Frequency range  100 Hz - 18000 Hz
 Dispersion angle
 180Grad x 180Grad
 Power handling  60 W / 6(16) Ohm
 Sensitivity  85 dB (1 W / 1 m)
 max. SPL:  103 dB (1m)
 Dimensions (HxWxD)  500mm x 700mm x 44mm
 Weight  4,8 kg
 Assembly  exciter
 Impedance  4(16) Ohms
 Connection  standard cable
 Design  gypsum plaster

Versions and options Surface gypsum plaster (12,5mm thickness), different surfaces (e.g. gypsum fiber) on demand.

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