Intellihome XBMCkey help

XBMCkey is an IPhone Application for IPhone OS 3.1.3 or later.
XBMCkey turns your IPhone into a WiFi remote control for your Xbox Media Center XBMC. You can control your Xbox Media Center (download XBMC on via WiFi with this application when the Web Server of your XBMC is started.

Copyright (C) 2010 by Intellihome GmbH

Application: XBMCkey

<-- Type in text here when needed. You don't have to use the keypad on screen any more.

<-- up and back Button

<-- left ok right vol+ Buton and Volume slider

<-- down and vol- Button

<-- menu home x(for switching between visualization and menu) and mute Button

<-- info rewind forward and shutdown button

Settings: (Settings/XBMCkey)

IP address of your XBMC

Port of the WebServer of your XBMC eg: 80 or 8080